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Parish Scripture Study Group - Monday at 7:30pm in the Presbytery

The Bible Society has created a website to help busy people incorporate scripture into their daily lives in numerous, interesting ways. It is the first of it’s kind in the UK.

St Peter The Apostle Woolwich was contacted by the Bible Society and asked if they could bring a camera man in to film us! 

To see Bible Hour in action click on this link www.wordonthego.org then select “The Big Picture” (bottom left). 

Then scroll down to the video clip of Bible Hour! Why not come along and see what it has to offer you? We meet every Monday at 7:30pm in the Presbytery. 

Bible Hour is great but would be even better if you were there!

You’ll see that there are 8 main sections each with their own video:

Everyday Life: How Scripture connects with our experiences and interests. – Oscar listens to Scripture while running.

Your Story: How Bible characters encourage us in our daily discipleship. – Simon reads about Simon Peter in the New Testament.

Getting Started: How to make a start with the Bible, step by step. – Kate reads the 100 minute Bible while commuting to work.

Prayer: How to pray with Scripture in a variety of ways. – Louise does Lectio Divina while walking her dog Hagrid.

Signs and Seasons: How Scripture inspires us throughout the year.

Get Creative: How creative activities help us explore the Bible. – The Poulter Family have a night in watching religious movies together.

The Big Picture: How the Bible connects with our Church, History and Tradition. – Carmel runs a drop-in Bible Study group in her parish.

Scripture Crash Course: How two saints provide seven Bible top tips. – St Jerome and St Paula guide us through the Scriptures using animation.