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The mission of our parish is exercised through the lives of our parishioners.  All of us, by the grace of our Baptism and Confirmation, have taken on

  • a role in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through our daily lives
  • a responsibility to support and help one another in a spirit of love and unity
  • a duty to pass on our Christian heritage to our successors


Our financial contributions are one of the ways we support and help one another.  At Sunday Masses we have collections for the needs of the parish and for the wider church, and for other charities.

Formally, the parish operates as part of the diocese of Southwark, which is a registered charitable trust.  In practice money contributed to the parish largely remains available for the parish, apart from a diocesan levy of about 20% on the normal Sunday collections.

Currently because of the urgent renovation needs of the church and the parish centre (click here for details), we are encouraging special donations for these.  Please contact Fr Michael if you would like to donate, as he would like to be able to thank you personally.

If this is not convenient for you, you may donate at any time through JustGiving, by clicking on the link below. Please note, though, that JustGiving deducts a transaction fee of 5% from all donations  made in this way.

Whether you are contributing through the regular Sunday collections or making a special donation, the effect of your generosity can be boosted by 25% if you are a taxpayer, by using the Gift Aid scheme.  Please click here for details and make sure the scheme is applied to all you give, if you are eligible.


Giving time and talents

Many parishioners give some of their time and talents to support others.  There are countless opportunities to be generous in this way, some very short-term and some longer-term, but no-one is expected to commit themselves to volunteer for ever.

Short-term volunteering opportunities are advertised in the parish newsletter from time time.  More details about some of the longer-term roles can be found by clicking here.  If you are currently blessed with some flexibility in the use of your time and talents, please consider whether you would like to devote a proportion to helping your fellow-parishioners.