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Our parish school . . .

… rated outstanding by Ofsted in 2017, is located nearby in Crescent Road.  Click here for the school’s website.

Contact the school

Headteacher: Mrs M O’Regan
Chair of Governors: Mrs S Heywood

Contacts are generally handled in the first instance by Mrs J Atkins, Senior Administrative Officer

Postal Address:

St.Peter’s RC Primary School
42 Crescent Road
London SE18 7BN

Tel. No.: 0208 265 0028
Fax No.: 0208 244 9670

Email Address:  sao1@stpeters.greenwich.sch.uk

School Mission Statement

St. Peter’s Catholic School mission is that pupils, parents staff, governors and parish build together a learning community which develops love, concern for each other and forgiveness, by living out the Gospel.

This means our school will be a place which:

  • encourages children to live as children
  • welcomes, values and respects the innocence of childhood and the individual’s strengths and weaknesses
  • encourages each to use his/her gifts and talents for self fulfilment and the good of all
  • fosters knowledge, experience and understanding
  • celebrates that we are each made in the image and likeness of God
  • fosters prayer, trust in God and an understanding of His love through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, encouraging our respect for all His people